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Alpha Bottle Cap

Due to manufacturer's restrictions, this product may not be sold online. Please call 866-416-0999 or email info@AmTheft.com for pricing.
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Put a cap on product sampling and theft.


The S3 Bottle-Caps are part of Alpha’s high theft solutions designed to turn real world problems into bottom line results.

Alpha Bottle Caps


• Available in clear or black for optimal display
• Strong visual deterrent and benefit denial feature
• Quick and easy
• Secure, easy to use and maximizes your display opportunities
• EAS Compatible —  Available in AM (i.e. Sensormatic) & RF (i.e. Checkpoint)










For more information:

American Theft Prevention Products, Inc.




Select your options:
Size Colors EAS Coil Recommended for:

 - Clear
 - Black

 - RF
 - AM
  • 375 ml bottles
  • 750 ml bottles
  • pints, fifths and liters
  • standard wine bottles
Large  - Clear
 - Black
 - RF
 - AM
  • 1.75 liter bottles
  • Absolut Brand Vodka (liter)
  • Standard Champagne bottles
  • Drip Proof Spout Wine bottles
Extra Large  - Clear
 - Black
 - RF
 - AM
  • wide mouth bottles
    (i.e. 1.75 liter bottles of
    Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam,
    Johnny Walker Red)

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Due to manufacturer's restrictions, please call 866-416-0999 or email info@AmTheft.com for pricing.
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