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It's loud. You can't miss it.

The same principal as a car alarm.

Everyone hears the loud siren when the item is taken.  The thief can't get out subtly. and they can't hear anything else...like someone coming.


Here's How it Works

Cutting or unpluging the Sonic Shock tether triggers the alarm


Sonic Shock fuses directly to your equipment, and monitors the Standard Sensor Tether you see here.  Cutting or unplugging the Tether triggers the alarm.

Thieves who want to take your equipment have a choice:  take the siren, try to kill it, or leave.

1. Mount Alarm
The alarm attaches to a base plate which you glue permanently to your equipment with a methacrylate structural adhesive. You can reuse the alarm. Replacement plates are available.
2. Install Sensor
Loop the ten foot Sensor Tether around a heavy or fixed object.

3. Lock & Alarm
Turning the key arms and the alarm and mechanically locks the alarm box to the mounting plate.

The Sonic Shock alarm can be reused with replacement mounting plates Connect the SonicShock Tether to something permanent Locking the Sonic Shock sets the alarm locks the box to the device

The anchor point allows you to mount the Sonic Shock virtually anywhere.And if there's "nowhere" to attach the tether?

A wall mounted tv, for example. Or a projector on a cart.

The Sonic Shock AnchorPoint tethering block is the solution.  Just peel and stick on the wall or any flat surface. It creates a quick, secure, tamper -proof tethering point.


The Sonic Shock is Easy to Install:  pdf Sonic Shock Easy to Install.pdf (1.7 MB)



Which Sonic Shock Alarm is Best For You?

Here's how they're the same:
They use the same locks (so even if you mix and match, you can still have them keyed alike), the same method of mounting, and the same sensors.  They can both be mounted with either the standard loop tether or the AnchorPoint tether.  They're the same height (1.3") and the same width (2").

Here's how they're different:
The Sonic Shock Plasma is longer by 1.7 inches.  This gives it a 50% larger bonding area to cling to your equipment. And it has twin sirens, making it not just louder, but more disruptive. That said, the '5' is still noxiously loud.

So how do you decide?
There are no fixed rules.  For some its based on available mounting space.  For others, its an economic decision.  At current prices, we find most customers choose the Sonic Shock 5 for 37" and smaller televisions, and the Sonic Shock Plasma for televisions larger than 42 inches.

Other factors might include:

If you've already had a theft, have a more isolated setting or a situation where thieves have time to work, you might consider the Sonic Shock Plasma for even a smaller television. If you've never had a theft, or you're device is in a well traveled area, the Sonic Shock 5 will be adequate, even for a more expensive set.


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