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Two Way Radios assist in theft deterrence and security

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Two way radios remain one of the simplest and cost effective forms of communication.  They help you succeed by enhancing security and safety, and by promoting better customer service.  

Here are just a few ways 2-way radios are used in a range of industries:  

Instant communications between management and employees. Helps staff respond more quickly to accidents, disturbances, theft.  Reduces response time to customer service.

A great solution for on-site communications connecting administrators and staff, facilities management, emergency response, janitorial, safety, traffic and and more.

Facilities Management
Enables your staff to stay connected, including managers, maintenance, groundskeepers, security.


American Theft Prevention Products is an authorized dealer for Kenwood ProTalk Two Way Business Radios.  These portable 2-way radios are rugged and built to the highest standards.  ProTalk meet or exceeds US Military standards. feature fast charging time and are backed by a two year manufacturers warranty.


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