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AnchorPoint Tether Kit for Sonic Shock Alarms


The Sonic Shock Anchor Point is an optional substitute for the standard tether.  Use it where you have nothing on which to loop the standard tether around---wall mounted televisions or carts, for example. 

The AnchorPoint consists of a small, self-adhesive module which you simply peel and stick to a wall, floor or furniture.  Plug one end of the monitoring cable into the Anchor Point box, and the other into the Sonic Shock alarm. 

The Anchor Point has a detector switch and assembly which will trigger the the Sonic Shock alarm should a thief attempt to remove or tamper with the Anchor Point box.  Just like the standard tether, the Sonic Shock alarm will also trigger should someone unplug or cut the cable linking the Sonic Shock to the Anchor Point.


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