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Alpha Security Products, and American Theft Prevention Products, offers the widest range and the best quality keeper boxes and cable wraps for your open merchandising.

These products provide your customers with close up, open viewing of products, while you are protected from theft.

Most keepers are available for use either alone, or in combination with either Radio Frequency (Checkpoint compatible) or Electromagnetic (Sensormatic compatible) electronic article surveillence systems.

Keepers provide a strong visual deterrent to theft. Their long term reusablity make them a great value in shoplifting prevention.

They're available in a wide ranges of sizes, for most of your product protection needs.

To determine the keeper that best meets your needs, take a look at each section. Use our automated keeper and wrap selector. Or call our theft prevention specialists to help you determine which keepers will work best for you.




Keeper Boxes

Don't hide your products or your security. Ultra secure, yet opens easily.

Alpha CableLok

Stops Theives
without compromising
customer experience.

Available in a large variety of lengths and alarm styles.

Cable Wraps

Quickly becoming the standard in high theft security because of their flexibility to protect a wide range of products.

For all shapes.

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