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Library administrators have a special responsiblity to protect the community's collection and resources.  Libraries are built on the concept of preserving and availablity of material for future users. 

In 2012, more than 70,000 books were stolen from the Brooklyn Public Library. Writing for the Public Libraries Association, Librarian Brian R. Smith notes: 

 I have discussed with fellow professionals that Walmart, Target, or any other major retailer would not sit idly by when 70,000 of anything— whether it is pencils, shirts, or candy bars— get taken.(PublicLibrariesOnline.com).

American Theft Prevention products works with libraries throughout the United States to identify the tools and approaches to help libraries protect their assets.

Radio Frequency detection systems can help protect nearly any library asset.

RF detection tags provide effective theft deterrence for your collection.

  • 9.5 MHz
  • 8.2 MHz
EM Security strips at LibraryTheftPrevention.com

High Quality Labels
for use with EM Systems

Attractive visual display knowing that your media is well protected.

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