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Electronic door alarms ("annunciators") are ideal for retail stores. They announce the arrival of new customers, so you can prepare to assist them, and they alert you to people leaving your facility.

People Counters save you money by helping identify busy periods, set appropriate staffing levels and keeping track of the response to promotions or other activities.

American Theft Prevention Products offers a variety of door announcement systems for your use. For more information on these products, or to help identify the system that best meets your needs, call our specialists at 866-416-0999.

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Inexpensive people counter

Bi Directional People Counting


Simple User Installation

Was: $450.00
Now: $323.00
Bi Directional people counters uses usb to download data

Bi Directional People Counting

Download Data via USB drive
No Network Required

Software or Excel compatible

Retrieve people counting data remotely

Bi Directional People Counting

People Counter
Wireless Gateway

Door Alarm and Traffic Counter

Announces customers up to 25 feet away.

Includes Traffic Counter

Wireless Door Alarm Kit incudes Traffic Counter

Peace of Mind & Customer Service

Mount receiver up to 100' from transmitter.

Be aware of when people enter your store with this door alarm

Easy to Install

Audible Alarm

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