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Worthwhile resources relating to theft prevention.  

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Shoplifting awareness PSA by the US Army Garrison - Hawaii

The significant consequences of being arrested for shoplifting at a garrison facility are described and demonstrated.


News Report on Shoplifting

Charlotte television report on shoplifting and the cost of theft.



Shoplifting is Costing Your Famiily

News 13 Memphis reports on shoplifting trends. High theft items are identifited.





Retailer's effort to protect against shoplifters

Minnesota Public Radio, May 7, 2009. Report mention's Spider Wraps in particular.  
"This is called spider wrap. If it walks out of the store it will alarm. If it's cut off, it will alarm. It's proven very effective deterrent for us," said Nate Hartle, Target's senior manager for investigations. He was describing black wire wrapped around a digital camera box. The wires run through a small alarm.




Article on ways to avoid retail theft by American Theft Prevention Products on RetailMinded.com








Ways to Avoid Retail Theft

Guest article written for RetailMinded.com, a website oriented toward boutique retailers and wholesalers. Article was written by Alan Herbach of American Theft Prevention Products.


Shoplifting Rings and Weak Economy Spur Retail Theft 








Shoplifting Rings and Weak Economy Spur Retail
Daily Finance, Nov 4, 2009

National Retail Federation official says that increased theft is more an outgrowth of greed than need.  But there are ways to that retailers can help control shrink.


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