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Recoiler with Universal Counter Stand

Please note: This item is currently only available in white.
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This kit includes a universal product stand for on top of shelf display. The patented self centering device on this recoiler automatically uprights products to their original position each time they are replaced on the display.


Customers appreciate the visual appeal of the display and stores keep product recovery time to a minimum while maximizing potential sales.


This kit includes a strong recoiler that makes it effective for handheld electronics like iPods, Kindles, and other valuable items.


Manufactured in the USA.


  • 42 inch x .062 aircraft cable -- difficult to cut
  • Quality mechanism for long use cycle and strong pull
  • Recoiler fits into base
  • Base can be screwed to counter top
  • Self centering device connect with security screw and adhesive
  • White - Please note:  this item is currently only available in white.


If you don't see the recoiler that fits your need, please call American Theft Prevention at 866-416-0999, or email us at info@AmTheft.com

This product requires Security Screw Key (part no. S8203)  ($3.95)
One Security Screw key is included free with your first order of this product.



Universal counter top for recoilersFull universal recoiler on top of counter kit

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