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Sonic Shock 4 Anti-Theft Alarm - Full Kit

$108.50 - $114.50
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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The recommend replacement is the Sonic Shock 5.
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Attach the Sonic Shock 4 to your equipment and you can stop theft before it happens.


The concept is simple. The technology is straight forward, and the protection is powerful. Thieves don't want to carry a loud alarm.


The Alarm is Loud. 117 dB. This twin siren alarm draws attention. And that's not what thieves want.The Sonic Shock offers strong protection


Simple to Use. Its this simple, there are only three parts:

  1. Stainless steel baseplate is permanently attached to your equipment
  2. Alarm module snaps into base plate. Arming the alarm locks the module to the plate.
  3. A ten foot sensor wraps around an immovable object. Cutting or breaking this will sound alarm
  4. Plug the sensor into the alarm module. Removing or cutting this will sound alarm.


Use Anywhere:  It only requires an area of 2" x 3.8" on back of your equipment. And if you don't have something to anchor this to, use our (optional) Anchor Point, an electronically monitored plug in box that you stick to a wall, floor or furniture.


Strong. Made of high strength steel. Mounts to your equipment with high strength adhesive. 3500 psi resistant.


Simple to maintain. Uses 9v battery, estimated life 50 years. (but we still recommend you replace them every five years. Better safe than sorry.)


Security. With hundreds of key codes, every Sonic Shock is custom keyed, so you can have all your products under a master key, or keyed individually. If you want, you can rekey the lock in the future.


LIFETIME WARRANTY - The manufacturer of the Sonic Shock is so confident of it's build that they offer a lifetime warranty on all parts (except the battery) including damage to the Sonic Shock caused by attempted theft!!


Specifications:Sonic Shock Set. Theft Prevention for LCD's and flat screens

  • Size:  2" x 3.8" x 1.3" thick
  • Intended for indoor use
  • Kit includes:
    • Alarm Module
    • Mounting Plate
    • Sensor Tether
    • Glue Cartridge
    • 2 Keys
    • Warning Label


Please call American Theft Prevention Products at 866-416-0999 for larg orders, educational pricing or replacement parts.

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