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Sonic Shock Trapline Sensor Kit


The Trapline kit allow you to daisy chain multiple products into a single Sonic Shock alarm.

Kit Includes:

  • One Trapline Sensor
  • One 5-foot extension cable

You can connect an unlimited number of trapline kits, however they must be monitored by at least one Sonic Shock alarm to work.


Using the Trapline Kit:

Trapline for Sonic Shock Alarm



  1. Sonic Shock Alarm (sold separately) can be mounted anywhere or on anything -- a computer, a bench, a desk
  2. Daisy chain as many Trapline connectors a you wish - a whole row of LCD displays, for example.
       But shorter chains and more alarms will allow you to better localize theft attempts.
  3. Chain must end with regular Sonic Shock tether (supplied with alarm kit).

The trapline will trigger the alarm if unplugged or tampered with.

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