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Replacement parts and enhancements for Sonic Shock Alarms. If you don't see the part you need, please call American Theft Prevention Products (SonicShock.us) at 866-416-0999 or email us at info@AmTheft.com


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Replacement Baseplates fits

  • Sonic Shock Plasma
  • Sonic Shock 2
Sonic Shock baseplate for Sonic Shock 5, 4 & 3

Replacement Baseplates for

  • Sonic Shock 3
  • Sonic Shock 4
  • Sonic Shock 5
$12.50 - $15.50
Keys for Sonic Shock Alarm

Order just the keys you need for your Sonic Shock commercial kit.

Save money by purchasing Sonic Shock commerical kits, and just the adhesive and keys you need.

"Glue" used to affix Sonic Shock Mounting Plates

Anchor Point tether for Sonic Shock Alarms

Substitute sensor provides a way for you to connect your Sonic Shock alarm when you don't have a fixed object to loop the standard tether around.

Sonic Shock Trapline allows you to protect multiple devices with a single alarm

Allows you to protect multiple devices with a single Sonic Shock alarms.

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