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   Security consultant on phone    Why Invest in Theft Prevention?

Because it's the easiest way to increase your profits.

Shoplifting prevented is a direct benefit to your bottom line.  Think of it this way... If you have a ten percent margin, you would need to sell an additional $1,000 worth of products to make up for a $100 theft.

And the average shoplifter walks out of your store with over $753 per incident, according to the 2018 National Retail Security Survey of retailers with fewer than 500 locations.  In the apparel industry they're walking out with an average of $974 worth of merchandise (2017).  The chance of being caught is only 1 in 48!

In this economy, the easiest, most cost effective way to increase your bottom line profit is to reduce shoplifting and theft.American Theft Prevention is America's fastest growing Checkpoint dealer


America's Fastest Growing Checkpoint Partner

Great service, ongoing support and honest advice are the reasons that American Theft Prevention has been recognized as Checkpoint's fastest growing channel partner.  


Order online, or call American Theft Prevention Products to help you keep more of your profits this year.

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Providing anti-theft products from:
American Theft Prevention is a leading authorized Checkpoint Systems partner

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 Compucage International

American Theft Prevention Products is an authorized dealer for Kenwood Two Way Radios

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Lock Alarms available from American Theft Prevention Products

Tags, Labels & Keepers for
Checkpoint, Sensormatic
& compatible EAS Systems

Leasing & Financing

Pay for your Checkpoint EAS system with the additional profit from reduced theft

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Ask about incentives for investments for loss prevention


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Loss Prevention

and other manufacturers of high quality anti-shoplifting tools

From a recent article on retail theft:

"Recognize that you're vulnerable. If you don't think your merchandise would be attractive to thieves,
then why do you sell it?
Of course it has value! Especially when the cost of acquisition is minimal."



 If you don't see the anti-shoplifting product you need on our website, please call us at 866-416-0999.
We can help find the tool to protect your assets. We work with the leading manufacturers of theft prevention products.


Electronic Article Surveillance Systems

Genuine Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

All retailers can have the same advanced Checkpoint Systems anti-theft technology used by the largest retailers in world.

You know they are effective, but you may not realize how quickly you earn your return on investment.

Alpha Security Products protect the full line of high theft merchandise

Innovative & Advanced Products to Protect
High Theft Merchandise

  • Keepers
    (Security Boxes)
  • Hard Tags
  • CableLoks
  • Spider Wraps
  • Bottle Protection
  • NanoGate
Benefit Denial Tags

Benefit denial products, like "keepers" and ink tags that damage stolen items, discourage shoplifters even before they attempt to steal.

Low cost bottle protection

Tough, reusable and easy to use products that are perfect for securing high-theft wine and spirits. American Theft Prevention Products offers a full range of sizes to provide maximum security.

Alpha Keeper Boxes

The security of locked cabinets with the benefits of open merchandising.

  • Cable Wraps
  • Keeper Boxes
  • Cable Boxes
Cash Box

Keep excess currency safely behind lock & key.

Protect virtually anything with Genuine Checkpoint EAS Tags & Labels

Protect Laptops & Other Equipment.

  • Lockdown
  • Display Fixtures
  • Physical Security
  • Asset Management
  • Computer Theft
  • Information Protection
  • Computer Retreival
Counterfeit Detection Equipment at American Theft Prevention Products

Protect your bottom line with counterfeit money detection equipment using the latest technology.

  • Detection Pens
  • Currency Authenticators


Detachers for virtually all brands of anti theft hard tags.

  • Alpha Security
  • Checkpoint Systems
  • Sensormatic
  • Generic

Alerts you of incoming or outgoing guests.

Create a Hygienic Environment for your staff and customers.

Safer Shopping Solutions

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Visors
  • Protective Screens
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Occupancy Management
hard tags for checkpoint and sensormatic systems

Versitile Range of Tags for expensive and hard to protect items.

For both eas technolgies:

  • RF (Checkpoint)
  • AM (Sensormatic
Key Control Products from American Theft Prevention Products, Inc.

Tools used by retailers, casinos, IT departments, residential and commercial enterprises to protect keys.

Theft deterrence products for

  • Books
  • Audio Visual
  • Multi Media
  • Computers & Tablets
  • General Security
Recoilers Help Protect Small items from theft

Secure retail displays with tethering solutions.

Variety of sizes and cable ends.

Lock Alarm Store at American Theft Prevention Products, Inc.

The lock that comes with an ear-piercing alarm.  

Attempting to cut though the lock will start the alarm screaming, attracking attention and scaring away the potential thief.

  • Retail
  • Commerical
  • Residential 
School Theft Prevention Products

Protect school equipment from theft.

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • other institutions

Security Hooks providing pegboard and slatwall theft deterrence.

  • Locking Security
  • Flexible Locking
  • Partial Locking
  • Anti Sweep Hooks
  • Time Dispensing


Round Security Mirror

Safety and security mirrors to eliminate blind spots.

Sensormatic Tags & Labels

Tags and Labels for your Sensormatic and AM electronic article surveillance system.

Simulated Security Cameras

Realistic looking cameras, security domes and lenses keep dishonest people guessing.

Make life toxic for thieves!

Sonic Shock Store at American Theft Prevention Products. US distributor of Sonic Shock alarms

Simple, Effective, Loud

Protect your:

  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • Projectors
  • Computers
Authorized distributor for
all Sonic Shock products.
Anti sweep display fixture

Store display fixtures that prevent theft and "sweep," including anti-theft hooks, cables and product locks.


Featured Products
Alpha Shark Tag helps protect 'wear and returns'
Due to manufacturer's restrictions, this product may not be sold online. Please call 866-416-0999 or email info@AmTheft.com for pricing.

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